Short Screenplays

All of these shorts were written for various writing challenges, some in only 48 hours, where we were given certain criteria like genre, location, an object. Over the last 10+ years I’ve written well over 100 shorts. Below are some of my favorites.

Anything that say “PRODUCED by a film student”,  is still available for production. Their films were made for grades and haven’t been entered into any festivals, although some of their final films may have been posted to YouTube or Vimeo. I’m very open to having my shorts filmed for no fee, but hope that you’ll respect me as the writer and ask my permission first. Thank you!


8 pages (Mockumentary) – Terrapin Station – A community fundraising event for terrapin conservation ends up revealing secrets about everyone involved. (1st place for Mockumentary challenge at Simply Scripts)

5 pages (Rom/Com) – You Can’t Force Love – In search of love, a determined man receives help from a female friend. (Top placement for Killer Dialog challenge at Simply Scripts)

6 Pages (Rom/Com)The Mating Dance While waiting for an airport shuttle, two socially awkward strangers unknowingly purchase similar books on how to attract the opposite sex then put the author’s advice to the test. (top contest placement at NYCMM)  PRODUCED by film student – Still available for production

5 Pages – Honey Do A woman confronts her lazy husband with a long list of things he’s promised to do around the house. When he doesn’t budge, she decides to do them herself. (top contest placement at Movie Poet)  REVIEW OF “HONEY DO”

5 PagesLove Glow A man agrees to six months of medical testing to make enough money so his girl will marry him, but at what price? PRODUCED by film student – Still available for production

7 PagesHow to Talk to Women – When an old trunk is unearthed at his construction site, a lonely guy’s life takes a turn for the better. (top contest placement at Movie Poet) 

5 Pages Uneasy Rider You will only be able to find true love, once you accept who you really are. (2nd place at NYCMM) PRODUCED/EXCLUSIVE OPTION/NOT AVAILABLE

3 PagesWaterfall – A couple’s constant arguing during a marathon has dire consequences. PRODUCED by film student – Still available for production

5 PagesFreudian Slip – (fantasyA college guy with a needy and possessive girlfriend gets a wakeup call from Sigmund Freud.


5 Pages – The Perfect Cover-Up – When a troubled man visits a tattoo shop to cover a bad tattoo, he ends up getting one that suits him perfectly. (1st place at NYCMM)

5 Pages – Blind Justice – A little justice served with an old time western vibe.

5 Pages – The Cost of War – A waitress fed up with the antiwar protests in 1962 New York City, changes her stance once the effects of war hit close to home. (1st place at Simply Scripts)

1 Page YardworkWhen a writer can’t take his wife’s nagging anymore, his imagination gets the best of him. PRODUCED by film student – Still available for production

5 PagesThe Creation of Oz(period piece 1865) – When a deadly tornado threatens his aunt’s farm, an imaginative boy entertains his family with a fantastical story while they ride out the storm in the cramped quarters of an underground shelter. (1st place winner at NYCMM) REVIEW OF “THE CREATION OF OZ”

5 PagesTriggers A woman visits a place from her childhood that triggers many old memories, some good, some bad.

6 Pages (Western-ish)Private PropertyA young man ends up on the run when he tries to protect his mother from a crazed land owner. (3rd place winner at NYCMM)  

12 Pages – To Catch a PredatorIn the summer of 1979, citizens of Fair Haven, Massachusetts were worried about a rogue shark, but one unwelcome guest should have been more concerned with the boy determined to catch it. (1st place winner at Simply Scripts)

5 PagesThe LakeA man relives some haunting memories when he visits a cabin where he spent his summers as a young man. (top contest placement at Movie Poet) REVIEW OF “THE LAKE”

5 PagesLetting GoAfter a horrible accident, a young girl’s mother has a very hard time letting go.(2nd place winner at NYCMM)  REVIEW OF “LETTING GO” PRODUCED by film student – Still available for production

5 PagesI Can See You While delivering the mail, a joyless postal worker begins to see messages in the form of graffiti and eventually the seemingly harmless words take a dark turn. (3rd place winner at NYCMM)  PRODUCED by film student – Still available for production

8 PagesA Woman ScornedIn an attempt to save his troubled marriage a vice cop requests for a transfer but gets pulled back in when a prostitute begins murdering her clients. (written for a Triggerstreet challenge) PRODUCED by film student – Still available for production 

5 Pages – Getting to Know You When a man and a women meet by chance and quickly find out they have a lot in common, the woman begins to question whether or not this is a good thing or maybe just creepy.  REVIEW FOR “GETTING TO KNOW YOU”  PRODUCED by film student – Still available for production

5 Pages Time To FlyFeeling trapped in her relationship, a girl with a flair for the dramatic finally pushes her easy going boyfriend too far. (top contest placement at FINAL ROUND of NYCMM)  PRODUCED by film student – Still available for production

6 Pages – (dark) ReflectionA troubled teen comes face to face with his demons when he spends the night in a post office basement. (top contest placement at FINAL ROUND of NYCMMPRODUCED/EXCLUSIVE OPTION/NOT AVAILABLE

6 Pages – Defenseless Never take candy from strangers and never help your creepy landlord find a lost cat. PRODUCED by film student – Still available for production

11 PagesThrough Eyes of the InnocentFollowing the death of his father, a bitter man revisits some painful memories when he receives a mysterious painting as a gift. (1st place winner at DVX)

5 Pages – Lily and Remy; A Love Story (no dialog) How far would you go to prove your love to someone?  PRODUCED by film student – Still available for production

6 PagesJessica’s WindowThrough an attic window, a little girl watches the people she loves leave her behind. (2nd place winner at Movie Poet)

5 Pages – The Wishing Tree –  A young girl befriends the owner of a nursery who allows her to visit a special tree to make wishes for her mother. (top contest placement final round of NYCMM) PRODUCED/EXCLUSIVE OPTION/NOT AVAILABLE

5 Pages – The Mystery of Montezuma’s Treasure – An archaeologist discovers that his old high school history teacher spent ten years on a treasure hunt based on a paper he had written over twenty five years ago. (1st Place winner at NYCMM)

5 Pages – Ten Thousand Souls(fantasy) In England’s darkest hour of the 1300’s, a Doctor comes face to face with Death himself and makes a deal to end the plague but at a costly price; he must present Death with ten thousand souls.(top contest placement at FINAL ROUND of NYCMM)

5 Pages – The Apple Story – (fantasy) An impoverished woman tells her son a bedtime story while her husband faces danger in order to get them food. (2nd Place winner at NYCMM)

12 Pages – (dark) The Art of ViolenceWhen a clue from an unsolved murder is spotted in a painting, a retired NYPD Detective does whatever it takes to solve it, even break the law. (2nd Place winner at NYCMM)ADAPTING INTO A FEATURE

5 Pages – (pretty dark)You Will Always be Mine –  A man finds an extreme way to deal with his wife’s infidelity. (top contest placement at Movie Poet)

12 Pages – Our Time Deserves A Love SongAn aging musician relives his first love when someone asks what inspired him to write a particular love song. (1st place winner at Simply Scripts)


13 Pages Nathan Green – When a woman struggling to deal with her recent separation buys a jacket from a thrift store, she inadvertently lets another bad man into her life.

14 PagesHarvestWhen her family’s annual hunting trip arrives, thirteen year old Lindsey hides in the woods in order to avoid going but soon realizes she may be in danger.

12 Pages – Son of a Witch – (com/horror) – When a naive comedian finds out his mother was burned at the stake,  he exacts his unique style of revenge on the people who murdered her. (1st place winner at NYCMM) PRODUCED/EXCLUSIVE OPTION/NOT AVAILABLE

7 PagesWitch of the Trees A woman dies trying to save a forest but legend says her spirit remains. PRODUCED by film student – Still available for production. 2021–I’m turning this into a feature. STAY TUNED!!

10 PagesHazing At Dead LakeAn over-privileged University student learns the hard way that there is no “I” in team when he gets stuck out on a haunted lake with two other teammates. PRODUCED by film student – Still available for production

12 PagesBad JujuThe owner of a dilapidated motel struggles to hide a dark secret when he allows some locals to seek refuge from an approaching hurricane.


All screenplays on this site are the property of Marnie Mitchell (Lister) and are registered with the WGAe. All rights reserved. No work on this site may be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

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