Feature Screenplays

If you’re interested in reading one of my features, just shoot me an e-mail at: jrsygrl65@aol.com


MEMORIES – 103 Pages (Dramedy) – A control freak struggling with her recent divorce attempts to recreate a family road trip with her bitter ex-husband to help their amnesiac daughter regain her memory.

2015 – Top 15% (1,016 scripts out of 7442)Nicholl Fellowships

2015 – Top 50 ISA Fast Track Mentor Program 

2014/15 – Coverage from Screenplay Readers — Three readers/three “considers”. 

2014 – Coverage from “Danny Manus – No Bullscript” — “consider”. 

2014/15 – Top 5% BlueCat Screenplay Comp (out of 4500 entries)

2014 – 2nd Round (top 15% of over 6700 entries) – Austin Film Festival 

2014 Finalist – Broad Humor Film Festival — Won for “Best Ensemble Comedy Screenplay” — PIC 🙂


FREE YOUR SKELETONS – (Thriller – 107 pgs.) A dynamic author of bestselling self-help books, struggles to practice what he preaches when someone who claims to be a fan threatens to expose a terrible secret about his past; a secret that will not only ruin his career, but destroy his family.

SEMI FINALS – 2008 BlueCat Screenwriting Comp.

PRO COVERAGE – Script Savvy – Screenplay – “Consider” 


FOLLOW THE SIGNS – (Rom/Com – 106 pgs.)  Feeling manipulated into a life her controlling mother mapped out for her, a usually level headed 30 year old takes a detour and attempts to heed her grandmother’s advice; to “follow the signs” in order to find love.

SEMI FINALS – 2008 BlueCat Screenwriting Comp.

FINAL ROUND – 2005 Red Inkworks Screenplay Comp.

QUARTER FINALS – 2005 3rd Annual Zoetrope Screenplay Comp.

PRO COVERAGE Script Savvy – Screenplay – “Consider” 


OTHER FEATURES – (that I vow to someday to finish or rewrite!):

THE ROYAL WITCH  (Family/Fantasy/Animation)  When an ambitious young witch discovers her wand is cursed, she must convince her father, the King, she still has powers or he’ll force her to live the life of a princess and marry a man she doesn’t love.

THE ART OF VIOLENCE – (Thriller – based on my award winning short) – A conservative, retired detective plunges into a seedy, underground sex world to hunt for a serial killer, and inadvertently unlocks his own demons.

HARD LOVE – (Drama – 100 pgs.)  Abandoned by her mentally ill mother, a resourceful teen sets out to find the man she believes is her biological father, the washed up lead singer of an 80’s rock band. 

MEDIEVAL MAN – (Comedy – 102 pgs.)  With the help of his Renaissance obsessed cronies, a 30 year old computer nerd from Manhattan, pursues his dream of becoming a knight.

FOR THE LOVE OF PETE – (Rom/Com) – When a quirky, overachiever catches her boss embezzling money, he kidnaps her beloved dog Pete, in order to keep her quiet and she’ll do anything to get him back.

HI GRANDMA – (Comedy ) – A meek, divorced, mother of four realizes the only way to stop her mean and nasty old mother from disrupting her household is to keep her stoned. The situation only gets worse when she falls for a cop.

ROCKIT – (Dramedy/Period Piece – 1980’s) – When a talented, New Jersey musician chooses personal ambitions over his band, he finds himself surrounded by people he can’t trust and struggles to get back to his New Jersey roots. 

THE CLEARING – (Horror) – While camping on a scenic plot of land inherited from a relative, a science teacher and her new husband unearth an old curse which explains many mysteries about her family, and the lack of men in it.  Her husband should be concerned.


All screenplays on this site are the property of Marnie Mitchell-Lister and are registered with the WGAe. All rights reserved. No work on this site may be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


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