“Private Property”, OPTIONED

This is a non-exclusive option so it’s still available if anyone else wants to give it a shot.

One of the most important contributions to my growth as a writer is the website, Simply Scripts. Not only do they host a vast library of produced and unproduced screenplays to read, but their forums and occasional One Week Challenges (OWC’s), are great learning tools. SS member and outstanding writer, Janet Goodman-Clarke, opened a satellite site, “SHOOTIN’ THE SHORTS” (STS) where she and a handful of others review and showcase unproduced shorts in hopes of getting them produced. The review below is from “STS”.

Check out these two great sites: SHOOTIN’ THE SHORTS  /  SIMPLY SCRIPTS


Thanks to the wonderful review by KP Mackie on STS, “Private Property” has been optioned. A Canadian filmmaker picked it up and plans on shooting it some time in fall of 2014. He has access to horses and a barn, which is the primary location. This script won 2nd place in a Movie Poet challenge. Really looking forward to seeing this filmed. I’ll post updates when I get them.


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