New review and new short added

New review added: “Shootin’ the Shorts” reviewed the first screenplay I ever wrote, “Waterfall”. I wrote it back in 2002, did a rewrite to clean it up some years later. This is an American tale, many of us will be able to relate to … in the end. 🙂 Click here to read the 3 pager, “Waterfall“.  Click here for the Review of Waterfall.

New short added: The Apple Story“, my second round entry for the 48 hour/2014 NYCMM Short Screenplay Challenge. My group was assigned GENRE: Action/Adventure — LOCATION: an apple orchard — OBJECT: an air mattress

My first round entry really bombed, although I really liked it. As a result of that low score, I have no chance to move forward to round 3 but figured I write a 2nd rounder anyway. Elements of adventure, horror and fantasy in this one. I’m on the fence about it. Curious if anyone likes it. 

UPDATE: The Apple Story ended up placing. I guess it was pretty good. 🙂


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